Club Constitution

1. Nature and objects of the Club

1.      The Club shall be known as the Sevenoaks and District Model Aero Club (hereinafter called the “Club”).

2.      The purpose and aims of the Club shall be to promote, encourage and monitor the design, construction and flying of model aircraft.

3.      The Club shall be a non-proprietary, non-profit making organization whose assets remain the property of the members.

4.      The Club shall be affiliated each year to the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers (otherwise known as the British Model Flying Association).

2. Constitution of the Committee

1.      The Committee shall include as Principal Officers:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

2.      The title and responsibilities of other offices of the Committee shall be assigned by the Chairman. In any event one committee member will be a Membership Secretary

3.      The total number of officers of the Committee shall be no less than eight and no more than ten.

4.      All members of the Committee must be affiliated to the BMFA through the Club and shall have held Club membership for the preceding twelve months.

3. Election of Members of the Committee

1.      Members of the Committee shall be elected by a motion at a General Meeting.

2.      Proposals for the election of Principal Officers at an AGM shall be submitted to the secretary before November 1st.

3.      The Club Chairman and Treasurer shall retire at the AGM scheduled to be held in the December of odd numbered years, the Vice-Chairman & Secretary shall retire in even numbered years.

4.      Members of the Committee other than Principal Officers shall retire at the AGM.

5.      A member elected to Club Chairman shall, at some time, have served for at least, one year as a member of the Club Committee.

6.      Subject to the limit of ten members, the Committee is empowered to co-opt a Club member as a temporary member of the Committee, to serve until the next General meeting.

7.      Members of the committee who are elected at a general meeting shall be known as elected committee members. Members of the committee who are co-opted shall be known as co-opted committee members

8.      The hand-over of duties of Principal Officers shall be effected during the first Committee Meeting following election.

4. Powers and responsibility of the Committee

1.      The Committee, both in its corporate capacity and as individual members, shall endeavour to ensure the welfare and safety of all members by enforcement of this Constitution, the Club Rules, the Club Tribunal Rules and Orders.

2.      The Committee is empowered to authorise such expenditure and to make such temporary Orders as it considers necessary for the convenience and protection of members or as are necessary for Statutory, Civil or Legal reasons. Such Orders shall be published as soon as possible by display at the power field and by post to all members in the next issue of the Club magazine and sent by electronic mail to the most recent e mail address of the members, known to the Membership Secretary. All Orders shall expire at the AGM.

3.      The Club Treasurer is empowered to reimburse any member for expenditure reasonably incurred on behalf of the Club for traveling, stationery, postage, mower fuel and similar items. Expenditure on capital items shall require the consent of the Committee.

4.      The Committee may appoint such sub-committees and/or working parties as it deems advisable. Service with such groups shall be voluntary. Sub-committees may include persons who are not members of the Club Committee but the chairman of each sub-committee shall, when possible, be a member of the Club Committee.

5.      The Club shall indemnify in respect of any fines damages or costs awarded against a member of the Committee who engages or becomes involved in Court proceedings, criminal or civil, while acting in his representative capacity on behalf of the Club.

6.      In the event of a member of the Committee being awarded damages or costs in the course of proceedings taken by him in his representative capacity such damages or costs shall belong to the Club and shall be paid to the Club Treasurer.

7.      The Club will not indemnify a member of the Committee in his actions as a private individual notwithstanding that he is taking part in Club activities in circumstances where it would be unreasonable for the Club to ratify his actions.

8.      At any one time, at least two members of the committee must have submitted a sample of their signatures for banking reference purposes.

9.      Money may only be withdrawn from the club’s bank account by cheque signed by not less than two committee members.

10.   Any Committee Member or Officer wishing to resign should do so in writing to the Secretary

5. Committee Meetings

1.      A quorum at a Committee meeting shall consist of five members, one of which shall be a Principal Officer.

2.      A Committee meeting shall be held not more than thirty five days after an AGM or EGM and in any case at intervals not exceeding three months.

3.      Members of the Committee shall be notified of a Committee meeting at least three days before.

4.      Subject to the required notice being given, a Committee meeting may be called at any time by the Chairman or by four members of the Committee.

5.      Members of the Committee shall endeavour to attend all its meetings. Any member who is absent from three Committee meetings in one calendar year without giving, in writing reasons acceptable to the Chairman, shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.

6.      The minutes of Committee meetings shall be available for inspection by any member at reasonable times and places.

6. Members' Meetings

1.      An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall take place during the first fourteen days' of each December.

2.      An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called, either by direction of the Committee, or on a written request to the Secretary signed by ten members. Such direction or request shall state the purpose for which the meeting is called and the motions to be voted upon at that meeting and a General Meeting shall take place within 28 days of the receipt by the Secretary of the direction or request.

3.      When a request for a meeting is made by 10 members in accordance with clause 6 (2) and it is not called within 28 days, the requisitioners may themselves convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club by giving 28 days notice in writing to all members, duly setting out the purpose for which the meeting is called and the motions to be voted upon at that meeting. Agendas are to be sent to the membership at the same time. Any motions passed at such a meeting shall have the same force and effect as if they were passed at a meeting convened by the Committee

4.      The club Secretary shall, at least 14 days before an AGM, send a notice and agenda to all members giving the date and place of the meeting. The agenda shall show all proposals for election of Principal Officers and motions to be voted upon.

5.      All meetings will be agendered and minuted. No motions shall be voted upon other than those stated in the agenda.

6.      All motions must be seconded

7.      All motions at a General Meeting, excepting those affecting the Constitution, shall be passed on a majority vote of those present, including those holding proxy votes, the Chairman of the meeting having a casting vote.

8.      A member may assign his vote to another member as proxy by submitting instructions in writing to the club Secretary before the meeting. A member may hold only one proxy vote.

9.      Any member present at the meeting at which a vote is being sought may require that voting on any particular motion be by a secret ballot held during the meeting, provided that that member shall have previously notified the Secretary in writing at least 48 hours before the commencement of that meeting.

10.   If 6(9) is complied with, any vote, other than a proxy vote, on that motion at that meeting will be invalid unless it shall be by secret ballot.

11.   The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that ballot papers are available for all members present, that the balloting is conducted in secret (save for the necessary practicalities of the Secretary ensuring it is honest), that only the members entitled to cast a vote do so, that the votes are counted properly and for declaring the result of the vote at the meeting.

12.   Any member who divulges how any other member voted in a secret ballot, without his express authority will be considered to have committed gross misconduct.

13.   For the avoidance of doubt, no provision relating to a secret ballot herein will prevent proxy votes from being counted.   

14.   A quorum at a General meeting shall consist of one third of the senior members. This includes members of the Committee but excludes proxy votes.

15.   The Chairman has the power to ask a person to leave any meeting in the event of that person disrupting the meeting.

16.   Annual subscriptions and revisions to joining fee will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

17.   An Auditor or Auditors shall be elected by the Committee to examine the accounts before the Annual General Meeting to verify that the balance sheet is correct and fairly represents the receipts and payments of the club.

18.   In the event that the annual general meeting is cancelled or for other unforeseen reasons not held within the period stated in 6 (1), the Secretary will be responsible for arranging for it to be held before the end of January immediately following. In the interim all committee members will remain in post and subscriptions will remain as previously.

7. Members

1.      There shall be two classes of membership; Senior and Junior... Junior members are those that are less than 18 years of age. Any member over this age is a Senior member.

2.      A “member” means any class of membership.

3.      All members must be members of the British Model Flying Association and must be able to provide evidence of such on request. The only exception to this is for those members who play no active part in the club whatsoever; i.e. social members only

4.      Only Senior members may hold a position on the committee or tribunal and be entitled to vote.

5.      No person who is not a current member may use the clubs facilities for flying, other than invited guests in accordance with the Club Rules. Notwithstanding this, a former member, who has been removed from the role of member following disciplinary action, may not use the clubs facilities for flying.

6.      No member who is suspended may use the clubs facilities for flying.

7.      Free membership may be granted to any member in regard to their services to the club, for a stated period and subject to a majority vote at an AGM, including proxy votes.

8.      The Committee has the right to refuse membership to applicants

9.      New members will be required to serve an initial probationary period of 12 months.  During this time they will not be eligible to serve on the Committee and may have their membership terminated at the discretion of the Committee for unsatisfactory conduct.

10.   New members’ subscriptions shall be subject to status, plus the joining fee as decided at the Annual General Meeting.

11.   Subscriptions are due by 1st January each year.  Any member who has not paid the subscriptions for the ensuing year by this date, in whole, will not be allowed to fly until they have done so. BMFA membership must be in place before flying.

12.   Members who do not renew their membership, including paying the full subscription by the 14th January will cease to be members immediately thereafter.

13.   Former members who have allowed their subscriptions to lapse will, at the discretion of the committee, be asked to re-apply for membership and /or pay the joining fee. They will also be required to pay a full subscription if their membership is renewed up to and including 14th June and a half of the full subscription thereafter  

14.   Any Member wishing to resign may only do so by writing to the Secretary to that effect. Once received, the resignation will take immediate effect.

15.   Any complaint concerning any member must be made in writing and signed by the complainant(s).  The written complaint must then be forwarded to the Secretary so that the matter can be addressed at the next Committee meeting.

16.   The conduct of any member who is offensive, (which may include the use of offensive language) to any other member will be considered to be prejudicial to the club

8. Disciplinary Matters

1.      The Committee may impose a flying suspension not exceeding 56 days upon any member in the event of misconduct. Notification of any suspension must be given by at least 2 elected committee members, each within 48hours of one another and the period of suspension will not commence until the latter of the 2 committee members has so notified.  Any suspension must be accompanied by a verbal and/or written warning as deemed appropriate in accordance with 8 (3).

2.      The Committee may consider removal from the role of member any member whose conduct on the field or elsewhere is considered to be prejudicial to the club. 

3.      Dismissal from membership will be in accordance with the following procedure in order to comply with the laws of natural justice

4.       a.  The member is to be given a verbal warning by an elected Committee Member in which the member is made aware of his misdemeanour and what he is reasonably required to do to make amends.

b.    If the member does not respond as required, he is to be given a written warning by an authorised Committee Member to advise him of his misdemeanour and what he is reasonably required to do to make amends.

c.    If the member still fails to respond as required, the Committee should invite him in writing to meet with them at a stated date and time to discuss the situation, advising they are considering withdrawal of his membership.

d.    If the member still fails to respond as required to reasoning or fails to attend without reasonable cause, the Committee can advise him in writing that his membership is withdrawn, stating the reasons why this decision was reached.

e.    When the member is advised of withdrawal of his membership, he must be given the right of appeal. If he opts to appeal, he must request an appeal hearing by writing (known as the appeal application) to the Secretary within 14 days.

5.      In the event of gross misconduct, immediate dismissal without warnings may be considered but the member must still be accorded his rights to present his case to the Committee, and be given the rights accorded  in 8 (3) c, d and e.

6.      In the event of withdrawal of membership, the Committee will arrange for the member’s current membership fee to be reimbursed as follows: the full subscription, if their membership is withdrawn up to and including 14th June and a half of the full subscription thereafter.

7.      If a member opts for an appeal, this will be to a tribunal which the Committee will organize on his behalf at a date and time, they will specify within 60 days of the date the appeal application

8.      The club will not reimburse costs or expenses incurred by any individual member involved in the disciplinary process, other than those who have been appointed by the Club or tribunal to perform an official function.

9.      The tribunal will be established and will conduct itself in accordance with the Club Tribunal Rules as were published at the time that the appeal was requested in accordance with 8 (3) e. 

9. General

1.      This Constitution shall only be revoked, altered, or added to, by the vote, including proxy votes, of a two-thirds majority of all senior club members, either by postal ballot or at a General Meeting. The proposed changes shall be quoted in full in the agenda or ballot paper sent to members.

2.      There shall be a set of Club Rules, governing membership requirements, members' conduct at the club flying sites and other regulations not covered by the Constitution. Changes and additions to the Club Rules shall be by motions proposed and adopted at a General Meeting.

3.      There shall be a set of Club Tribunal Rules governing the conduct of tribunals. Changes and additions to the Club Tribunal Rules shall be by motions proposed and adopted at a General Meeting.

4.      Members shall comply with the Club Constitution, Club Rules, Club Tribunal Rules and Orders of the club. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the Club which may include dismissal.

10. Club Welfare Policy

1.   The Club’s provisions with respect to child welfare will be as set out in the Club Rules or other specific documents as may be referred to in the Cub Rules from time to time.

11. Dissolution of the Club

1.      Should it be considered necessary or desirable to dissolve the Club, the Committee will call an Extraordinary General Meeting.  Should a quorum fail to appear, the meeting will be adjourned and a further EGM must be called.  The second meeting will proceed even if a quorum is not present and the motion will then be carried by a simple majority vote

2.      On dissolution and after the sale of assets and settlement of all outstanding debts the total money remaining will be distributed in equal shares to the then current fully paid up members.

12. Definitions

1.      In this document and any Rules and Orders made hereunder, unless there be something in the subject or context inconsistent therewith, words importing the masculine gender include the feminine gender and words importing the singular number include the plural number and vice versa.

2.      In this document, where any statement refers to the powers or responsibility of the Committee, the word Committee shall mean the consensus of a valid quorum of members of the Committee gathered in accordance with this Constitution...

3.      ‘Removal from membership’, ‘removal from the role of membership’, ‘excluded from membership’ and ‘withdrawn’, ‘withdrawal’, ‘resign’, ‘resignation’, ‘termination’, or ‘ dismissal’ in the context of membership, shall mean that the relevant person is no longer a member of the Club.

4.      Notices and other documents required to be in writing will be deemed served if they are in writing and handed to the appropriate member in person, or sent by post to the most recent address of the appropriate member known to the Membership Secretary or sent by electronic mail to the most recent e mail address of the appropriate member, known to the Membership Secretary. The date of service will be taken as the date the notice was hand delivered, put in a mail box or electronically transmitted from the sender’s device as appropriate.


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