Club Rules in operation from January 2020

Flying rules

  1. Club members shall observe all aspects of the Safety Codes, Operating Guidelines and general regulations as published from time to time in the BMFA Handbook.
  2. Members shall not fly solo at the power field unless they hold an appropriate BMFA Achievement Scheme ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ certificate (Power or Helicopter as appropriate).
  3. Any person under 18, or who is classed as a vulnerable adult, who is attending the club field or a club activity must be accompanied by their legal guardian or by an adult previously authorised in writing as taking this role during the attendance. This authorisation must take the form of a letter signed by the legal guardian and must be to the Cub secretary provided prior to the attendance, who must inform the club committee of the proposed guardian within 10 days of receipt.
  4. Any member who has concerns over the welfare of a person under 18 or who is classed as a vulnerable adult, should report their concerns to the Club Chairman or Secretary.
  5. The Club Chairman and Secretary, and all Club members who have close dealings with juniors must be cleared under the BMFA scheme through the ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ (or current equivalent organisation).
  6. Members may invite guest fliers to use the club facilities. Only invited guest flyers are allowed to fly a model and only if they are insured by the BMFA and only if permission is given by two members of the Committee, one being present during all flying. The committee members giving permission must declare to the Secretary (or Chairman in his absence) at the next committee meeting to whom and for flying on what day, permission was given... No guest may fly from the club’s facilities on more than 3 days per year. Visiting flyers shall comply with the club rules. The invitee of the guest must assume total responsibility for the actions and safety of the guest. Failure to comply with any stipulation herein will at least cause the erring member to be liable to be suspended from membership of the club until the next committee meeting.
  7. Joint Club Meetings, Fly Ins and Open Days – these may only occur after having been voted on at a club committee and a written invitation to another club or class of model flyers has been issued by the committee. Before any attendees may fly, their name and address must be recorded on a register on the day along with details of their current BMFA membership, including insurance. Any person found to be flying in contravention of this rule may be required by a committee member to cease doing so and leave the flying field immediately. At least 2 committee members must be present at the flying field when non members are flying at these events.
  8. At the power field, flying is not permitted north of the extended line of the prepared strip nor deliberately near any person, animal or vehicle.
  9. Models shall not conflict in any way with full-sized aircraft. At the power field, whenever it is a Civil Aviation Authority requirement, models may not exceed a height of 300 feet above the flying field ground level as per CAA ruling when flying within an active (ATZ) Air Traffic Zone.

Note: the power field is in the Biggin Hill Aerodrome Traffic Zone, so no models 7kg and over can fly when the zone is active.

  1. Aeroplanes with petrol engines may not intentionally prop hang at any time [ ie: use engine thrust for lift whilst remaining nearly stationary].
  2. Slope soarers and gliders may not be flown at the power field.
  3. ‘Pilots of models weighing more than 7kg dry weight shall hold a BMFA Achievement Scheme ‘B’ certificate (Fixed wing), notwithstanding any future changes in CAA rules regarding weight limits for exemption. Models of dry weight 20kg or more are not permitted to fly.
  4. At the power field operation of IC engines or gas turbines is strictly limited to; on Sundays the period between 1000hrs and 1800hrs; on Saturdays the period between 0900hrs and 2000hrs; and weekdays the period between 0800hrs and 2100hrs. Earlier cessation may be required on occasion. On Sundays electric powered models may be flown from 1000hrs until sunset.
  5. At the power field, pilots shall cease flying temporarily at the proper request of the shooting syndicate that also leases the field.
  6. Members wishing to fly or make a test radio transmission shall hang a tag bearing their name and channel number on the appropriate hook on the “pegboard”. ‘Note, this rule does not apply to 2.4GHz radios.’
  7. Not more than four power models may be airborne at any one time.
  8. Fixed wing models must take off or be hand launched from the prepared strip.
  9. Helicopters, Drones and Multi-rotors shall be operated as follows: -
  • Trimming - only at the prepared patch at the eastern end of the pits area.
  • Circuit flying - from the prepared strip with the agreement of all members present.
  • Helicopter, Drone and Multi-rotor pilots are permitted to fly their models in a 10 minute slot on the hour on those occasions when the operation of fixed wing models precludes their gaining access to the prepared strip.
  • Operation of drones ie multirotor aircraft (excluding conventional RC helicopters, with main and tail rotor) there is now temporarily banned from our Beech Farm Road flying site.
  1. Pilots shall have available a suitable fire extinguisher that should be readily visible within the pits area when operating petrol engine or gas turbine models,
  2. A Club member wishing to fly a specified gas turbine powered model must obtain a prior written permit to do so from the Committee for that model. Permission may not be given, or an existing permit may be temporarily suspended, at that time of the year when pre-harvest crops adjacent to the power site present a potential fire risk.
  3. Any senior member holding a BMFA Achievement Scheme ‘B’ or ‘C’ Certificate may act as an instructor (in the same discipline for which he is certificated). In addition, any member holding at least a BMFA Achievement Scheme ‘A’ Certificate may act as an instructor with the agreement of a BMFA Examiner
  4. When flying gas turbine powered aircraft it will be mandatory for a spotter to accompany the pilot. There is a temporary ban on the flying of a gas turbine fixed wing aircraft from the Beach Farm Road flying site.
  5. Models shall be restrained at all times when under power in the pits area and on the taxiways. Taxiing on the runway shall be done with caution. The engine shall be stopped on entering the taxiway at the end of a flight and the model carried or wheeled back to the pits.
  6. Whilst flying, pilots should stand in the appropriate delineated box situated at either end of the runway.
  7. Except for approach and landing, including touch and go, low level manoeuvres shall not be flown over the runway if other pilots are present in the box.
  8. All members' models may be noise tested at any convenient time.

Any model with a noise level over 90db may only fly with committee approval. This approval may include: restricted hovering time, flying with due regard to noise levels and the use of the quietest propellers and silencers available. Models under 90db should be operated with due consideration to noise nuisance. The committee retains the right to ground any model that in their opinion is excessively noisy.

  1. From 30th November 2019  All pilots of model aircraft or drones (small unmanned aircraft, SUA) with a mass of 250gm or more flown outdoors, cannot fly the SUA at the clubs’ outdoor fields unless the CAA has issued the member with an acknowledgement of competency valid for the flight or the member is in compliance with the BMFA exemption for members holding “A” or “B” achievement awards or Remote Competency Certificate. Members must display their operator number somewhere easily accessible on or within your aircraft once issued.

Conduct rules

  1. Cars at the power field shall only be parked in the designated area along the northern boundary.
  2. Field gates must be closed and locked immediately after passing through at the power field.
  3. Access to the designated parking area excepted, Club members, apart from the Field Upkeep Officer or his nominee, are not permitted to drive motor vehicles on the flying field or its immediate environs
  1. Dogs are not allowed at any Club field, except at the discretion of the committee (an accord by any number of committee members at a club flying facility on the day, does not constitute committee discretion) .
  2. Children shall be kept under supervision at all times at the flying fields. Ensuring this supervision is the responsibility of the legal guardian or the person authorised as such by them.
  3. It is not permitted to remove produce, either cultivated or wild, from any Club field.

7. Members attending any Club field shall remove all litter, avoid injuring animals and behave with due care and consideration towards other persons and property.

  1. Members shall take all possible precautions to protect the prepared strip at the power field.
  2. General rules

Membership Cards must be carried to identify members flying at the fields.


March 2016 , relating to the Constitution, Members (7.13), the Committee voted that: A joining fee will not be charged to ex members up until the end of the month of the second AGM after their membership lapsed, although this is on the condition that a donation of £20 is received for administrative costs.