Dear Member,

From 14th September new restrictions apply to social gatherings in outdoor spaces in England and Scotland.  The number of people allowed in an outdoor gathering has reduced from 30 to 6, appropriately socially-distanced unless from the same household.  However, organised sport is one of several exemptions to the new restrictions, provided that it is conducted in accordance with COVID-19 Secure guidelines.


In order for us to have more than six members at the Beech Farm Road flying site at any one time the rules that were put in place back in May this year when we returned to flying after covid lockdown was first relaxed do apply.


These rules are re-stated as follows:

-         Do not come to the field if you or members of your household are unwell

-         Do not come to the field if you or members of your household are shielding or have been

          designated vulnerable.

-         Bring hand washing equipment/ hand sanitizer with you and use it.

-         Wear suitable impermeable gloves when opening the gate/gate padlock.

-         When parking, keep at least a car’s width away from the next vehicle – don’t park tight up to

           adjacent vehicle(s)

-         In order to maintain 2m separation from non-household members, only three pilots on the flight   

           line at any one time, spaced in accordance with the 2m rule, no spectators.

-         Do not share use of field equipment with others.

-         Training to be suspended.         .

In addition, we are required to implement a Track & Trace system. This involves appointing a Track & Trace co-ordinator and keeping a record of site attendees for a 21-day period.


Jamie Pitt is appointed SDMAC Track & Trace Co-ordinator, when attending the flying  site each attendee is to use text his/her name to Jamie on (click here for tel number) so that an attendance record is created and all attendees can be readily contacted in the event of any individual developing coronavirus symptoms.


Alternatively we can suggest this.


During this current raised alert period attendance by spectators and non-participants is discouraged but if they do attend then their details should be given to the SDMAC WhatsApp Group.

If for any reason you are unable to text or join the SDMAC WhatsApp Group.  then please send a text message to Jamie Pitt.


Kind Regards



SDMAC Committee